Academic Terms & Vacations


BSC Program Hounors (140 credit).

  • BSC Program Regular (120 credit).

Every student will by default be enrolled in a Regular BSC program. After the first year, based on various performance criteria such as interviews, grades etc, the student will be upgraded to the BSc Homours program under the same specialization. The BSc Honors program has more credits than a regular program and hence only selected students are admitted into the program.

Semester System

This system shall follow continuity in the imparting of the education and examination system which will provide an opportunity to students for continuous learning and assessment/feedback and a better paced understanding of the subject.

  • Choice Based Credits.

The choice based credit system provides a ‘cafeteria’ type approach in which the students can take courses of their choice, learn at their own pace, undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required credits, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning,

Grade Points Average

It is a numerical weight allotted to each letter grade on a 10-point scale.

Continuous Assessment.

The students will be constantly evaluated and the depth and breadth of their knowledge will improve


  • Equal Weightage to Internal Assessment And Final Examination.
  • Emphasis On Practical Training / Field Work.
  • Academic Industry Interface And Collaborative Links with Specialized Industries
  • Mandatory Internship
  • Community Outreach Programs (Rural & Urban)  


  • Computer Literacy To All Students.
  • E-Class Room.
  • ICT Enabled Teaching Learning.
  • Modern Library with Internet Facilities.
  • First – Aid and Medical Facilities


  • Staff Student Evaluation.
  • Counselling Facilities Academic.
  • Counselling Facilities Personal
  • Consultancy Services.

The list of holidays for the next calendar year is issued by the S.N.D.T. Women’s University in January every year.
Attendance is compulsory from the first day of the academic term.


Facilities for participation in Sports

Cultural committees and events round the year to shape the students personalities and confidence



Sr. No. Name of the Holiday Month Date Days
1 Repubic Day January 26 Monday
2 Mahashivratri February 17 Tuesday
3 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti February 19 Thrusday
4 Holi (Second Day) March 06 Friday
5 Gudi Padwa March 21 Saturday
6 Good Friday April 3 Friday
7 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti April 14 Tuesday
8 Ramzan-Id (Id-UL-Fitar) Shaval-I July 18 Saturday
9 Independence Day August 15 Saturday
10 Parsi New Y ear (Shahenshahi) August 18 Tuesday
11 Ganesh Chaturthi September 17 Thursday
12 Bakri ID (Id-ul-Zua) September 25 Friday
13 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti October 2 Friday
14 Dasara October 22 Thursday
15 Moharum October 24 Saturday
16 Maharashtra Day May 1 Wendesday
16 Buddha Purnima May 25 Saturday
17 Ram Navmi (March 28th ) Adjusted May 5 Tuesday
18 Mahavir Jayanti (April 2nd ) Adjusted November 10 Tuesday
19 Diwali Amavasaya (Laxmi Pujan) November 11 Wednesday
20 Diwali (Balipratipada) November 12 Thrusday
21 Bhaubeej November 13 Friday
22 Guru Nanak Jayanti November 25 Wednesday
23 Id-E-Milad December 24 Thrusday
24 Christmas December 25 Friday

ACADEMIC TERMS & VACATIONS 2015-2016 10TH JUNE, 2015- 3RD MAY, 2016

Ist Term 10th June 2015 to 8th November, 2015
IInd Term 1st December, to 30th April, 2016
(a) Total 295 Days

Terms Date Total Days Diwali 9th November, 2015 to 29th November , 2015 21 Days Christmas 26th December, 2015 to 3rd January , 2016 09 Days May 4th May , 2016 to 12th June, 2016 40 Days (b) Total Vacation Days 70 Days