Anti-Ragging Committee

Names of Committee members:

Sr.No. Committee Members Phone No.
1. Chairperson Dr. Jagmeet Madan,Principal 9869239178
2. Co-chairpersonMs. Manjiri Bhalerao ,Vice Principal 9702174607
3. Committee Coordinator Dr. Neera Barooah,I/c Head, Dept. of Textiles and Apparel Design 9820174481


4. Ms. Anju TulshyanChairperson, Student’s Welfare Committee 9324754028
5 Dr. Meena Godhia,Head, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition 9820408815
6 Ms. Vipra Banerjee, Head, Dept . of Mass Communication and Extension 9820232258
7. Dr. Suja Koshy, Head,Dept. of Human Development 9820498738
8. Ms. Chetna Raje,Head, Dept. of Resource Management 9987558004
9. Ms. Armaiti Shukla,Head, Dept .of Textiles & Apparel Designing 9920135123
10 Mrs. Archana Jain,Head, Dept. of Composite Home Science 9821488290
11 Ms. Kirti Vaidya,Supervisor, Jr. College 9619835649
12 Ms. Chetna Desai,Office Superintendent 9833972739
* Student Representatives Following members of the Student Council, Senior College (for the present academic year)President, Vice President, Gymkhana Secretary, Asst. Gymkhana Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports coordinator