Gold Medal Donors/Awardee

“Late Motibai Madhavji Thackersey” Gold Medal for Faculty of Home Science SVT College of Home Science(Autonomous) SNDTWU, Mumbai (2013-2014)

Late MotiBai Madhavji Thackersey (1989-1966) was a great philanthropist and was looking after various Trust properties of the Thackersey family She was also very religious and had been on many yatras including Kailash and Mansarovar . She was appointed an Honorary Presidency Magistrate (Justice of Peace) and she was the first woman from Bhatia Community to get this Honor. This gold medal is dedicated in her memory.
“Late Mr . Krishnaraj MD Thackersey” Gold Medal for Department of Textile and Apparel Designing.

Shri Krishnaraj M.D. Thackersey (1909-1978) was a born textile man with his uncle Sir Vithaldas Thackersey and his father Shri Madhavjee D Thackersey having successfully nurtured the growth of Four cotton mills founded by his father . The success and prosperity attained by the host of firms and companies with which Shri Thackersey was connected bear ample testimony of his business acumen, sagacity and foresight.He was instrumental in setting up of National Machinery Manufacturers Ltd , the pioneers in the field of manufacturing textile machinery in India. Shri Thackersey was a T rustee of more than 50 public Charitable trusts including Kasturbha Gandhi National Memorial trust, The Bombay Hospital T rust etc. This medal to the meritorious student of Department of T extile and Apparel Designing is a befitting tribute to his personal.
“Late Ms. Nirmala Kher” Gold Medal for Department of Human Development (2014-2015)

Mrs. Nirmala Kher , (1921 -2014) felt deeply for the cause of women and children and had a burning desire to complete her education after marriage, she completed her post graduation to serve the cause of which she was passionate about.
After starting as a junior lecturer in 1954, she availed of every opportunity despite family responsibilities, to study further specializing in child development and authored books on the subject of Child Development & Nutrition. She was instrumental in building up S. V . T College of Home Science and had the satisfaction to see it grow as a prominent institution of national stature. We salute her burning passion and zeal with this Gold Medal in her memory.
“Late Dr .Kanta Malhotra” Gold medal for Department of Resource Management (2014-2015)

Lt. Dr . (Mrs.) Kanta Malhotra (1950-2014 ) was born in a small town of Ranchi in Biharin the year 1950. She was indeed a woman of substance. At a time when not many girls were educated or encouraged to study , she obtained her Ph.D degree and went on to become the principal of L.R. Khullar School in Nagpur . She was immensely popular and admired in the institution and always encouraged girls to be educated and independent even in the times when it was tough to achieve. Not only was she an inspiration in the field of education, but also a philanthropist who never let go of an opportunity to help the underprivileged and the needy . Her passion and enthusiasm in social work showed each time she contributed not only monetarily but also in the form of time and effort which was reflected in her tireless efforts she contributed as an active member of the Lioness Club of Mumbai. Today we are proud to institute a gold medal for the Department of Resource Management so that we remember her achievements and also provide an inspiration to many .
“Late Ranjit Kaur and Swarnjit Singh Madan” Gold Medal for Department of Food and Nutrition (2014-2015)

Sardarni Ranjit Kaur Madan (1928-2013) and Sardar Swarnjit Singh Madan (1925-2009) were both visionaries who believed that empowerment of women can be achieved only through education. They were both postgraduates and were eager learners throughout their lives. After working for over 35 years, Sardar Swarnjit Singh Madan retired as Head of Marketing n Sales of a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company . He was “Indian” to the core, as he participated in the Quit India Movement of 1942 and was subsequently imprisoned. Despite the partition of India (& Pakistan) and the loss of homeland, he went on to achieve his academic pursuits of a Bachelors in Science and a Bachelor in Law. They both were self made professionals and encouraged their daughter and daughters-in-law to pursue professional careers as well. They strongly believed in the Sikh tenet of treating (women and) young girls as the torch bearers who should be strengthened with education so they can be instrumental in building enriched homes, contribute to society and be the pride of our nation. They both were health conscious and practiced a healthy lif estyle, with daily exercise and balanced diet. This gold medal is dedicated in their
Gold Medals awardee 2014-15

Specialization Name of the Student Award
DIETETICS(All Specialization Topper) MS. MAVADIYA HEMANGI Late Motibai Madhavji Thackersey (Faculty of Home Science)
Food,Nutrition And Dietetics (FND) MS. MAVADIYA HEMANGI Late Ranjit Kaur and Swarnjit Singh Madan
Resource Management (RM) Ms. KULKARNI SHWETA Late Dr. (Mrs.) Kanta Malhotra
Human Development (HD) MS. NAGRIA URJA Late Mrs. Nirmala Kher Memorial
Textile And Apparel Design (TAD) MS. JAIN JAYATI Mr. Krishnaraj MD. Thackersey