Department Of Human Development

The Department of Human Development offers various courses which acquaint students with the trend of normal growth and development from conception to old age.
“This Interdisciplinary field of study is devoted to the understanding of the holistic developmental changes that children, adolescents and adults experience throughout their life span.”
It trains the students to understand human behavior and handle problems at various stages of growth through theory and extensive practical work.
Courses offered by the Department:
Program- B.Sc. In Developmental Counseling
Developmental Counseling is a specialization offered by the Department of Human Development. This specialization has a preventive counseling approach based on life span development. It aims to develop skills that help children with developmental problems and learning difficulties.
Program- B.Sc. in Early Childhood Care and Education
Early Childhood Care and Education is a course oriented towards the development of skills for infant stimulation, preschool teaching and implementation of a developmentally appropriate early childhood programme.