Interior Design and resource management

Program B.Sc. in Interior design and Resource Management

This specialization includes applications of principles of design, aesthetic and functional residential and commercial environments, computer aided designing and professional management.

Duration 3 years
Eligibility HSC in Home Science / Science / Arts / Commerce
Objective of the course-
  • It is designed to develop a practical understanding on technical aspects of interior designing.
  • It provides a broad approach to a career in the Interior designing with knowledge for creative use of space, materials and textures.
  • It is designed to train students to create a blend of aesthetics and optimum functionalism with emphasis on in designing residential and commercial spaces.
  • It encourages creative freedom especially balanced with the need to consider cost and budget constraints and the practical business aspect.
  • The curriculum integrates professional and general studies with an emphasis on critical thinking and applied research, and is enriched with an additional focus on global perspectives in interior design.
  • The course enhanced with wholesome blend of components like Ergonomics, Furnitureworkshop, Project Management, Visual Merchandising to improve professional opportunities.
  • To learn new trends and technologies in interior design.
  • This course will orient students about new trends and technology in Interior Designing.
This course may be the right choice for those who;
  • Find it interesting to observe interior spaces and understand the building structures, nature,
  • Have an eye for detail, enjoy visualising, planning and designing .
  • Enjoy being creative and innovative
  • Like to work with people
  • Leadership qualities
Professional Opportunities-
  • Interior Designer with an Architectural firm or Freelancer
  • Interior Stylist
  • Designer :Furniture, Set, Accessories
  • Consultant : Interior Finishing Materials, Colour, Lighting
  • Presentation developer with Computerised drawings
  • Graphic Designer and Visualizer
  • Concept developer
  • Entrepreneur
Opportunities for further education-
  • MSc. in Resource Management
  • Educational opportunities abroad in Advance Interior Design
  • Scope to study Product Design
  • Specialize in Ergonomics of Interior Spaces
  • Ph.D. after Master’s programme
  • Member of Indian Institute of Interior Designers