Department Of Mass Communication

The Department of Mass Communication and Extension offers courses related to communication and community development. The courses in communication will equip the students with the current trends in the field. The students would be skilled in photojournalism and writing for media, viz. print media, television and radio. They would also learn about Advertising and Public Relations. It provides a wide spectrum of opportunities for the young, creative and aspiring students.
The aim of extension education is to reach the communities through adult and non-formal education and to improve the quality of life of people and all aspects of human communication. Mass Communication and Extension education as a discipline is relevant and significant in the context of presently emerging needs of the country.
Courses offered by the Department:
Program- B.Sc. In Mass Communication and Extension 
1. Mass Communication and Extension is a course designed to create an understanding of developmental mechanism for changing the mind and action of people to attain community development through skills and processes in the areas of mass media and mass communication. It also trains a student to be a Media Professional training them in the various mass media skills and processes linked to Photography, Sound Reproduction, Film making, Advertising and the like.