Department Of Resource Management

Resource Management is an evolving field in Home Science which concentrates on various aspects of management of resources. This courses offered by the department are both relevant and significant in the context of presently emerging needs of an individual in the fields of Hospitality, Tourism and Interior Designing.
The Department aims at giving intensive training in the areas of Housing and Interior Design, Household Equipment, Family Financial Management and Consumer Economics. This enables one to manage resources efficiently.
Courses offered by the Department:
Program – Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management program offers specialized training to students in the managerial, organizational, service, financial and technical issues relative to operations in the hotel industry. The program will also provide insights to gain an understanding of the tourism sector. It introduces a systematic approach to comprehend the working components of a hotel and travel operations.

The Course in Hospitality Management provides skills for those who wish to enter the service sector, namely Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Industries.

Program – B.Sc. in Interior Design and Resource Management
1. This specialization includes applications of principles of design, aesthetic and functional residential and commercial environments, and computer aided designing and professional management. It provides a broad approach to a career in the Interior designing with knowledge for creative use of space, materials and textures. The course is enhanced with wholesome blend of components like Ergonomics, Furniture workshop, Project Management, Visual Merchandising which will improve professional opportunities of the students.